5 Short-term Ways to Make Money as You Travel

Make Money as You Travel

Travelling the world is one of the most rewarding and enriching things you could possibly do. There are so many unique countries to explore, people to meet, and cultures to experience that it is more than likely that you will end up staying away from home for longer than you anticipated.
However, while you might have already saved some money to prepare for your travels, – and you may have even looked at where to buy Ripple (wo kann man ripple kaufen) to invest and raise some more funds for your travels – did you know that there are also plenty of easy ways to earn money while travelling? If you want to make sure that your travel funds never run out, finding short term work can be a real lifeline.

So, let us discover 5 short-term ways to make money while exploring the world.

1. Rent Out Your Car and Home

If you already own a car and do not want to sell it, then unless you are embarking on a road trip, you might want to consider letting out your vehicle. It is surprisingly simple to earn money in this way with minimal effort required using a carsharing marketplace like Turo.

Furthermore, if you are not going to be making use of your home or apartment while travelling, you could also rent out your property. All you need is a relative, friend, or neighbour that is willing to hand over your keys to any potential hosts.

If you already know of someone that is looking for a place to live while you are on the road, the hard work is already done. Failing this, Airbnb is a hugely popular platform that makes lending your home to others easy and painless.

2. Travel Blogging

Do you already have an online platform? If so, you might want to consider blogging about your adventures.

Although being a travel blogger might seem like a dream come true, it is important to remember that to make blogging viable, you will need to put in a lot of work. For instance, you might have to read up more on the ways of SEO (sneak a peek at this website to learn more) and how to implement it correctly into your blog! Moreover, to monetize your content, you will first need to secure a significant amount of traffic, which again would require the assistance of the ways of search engine optimization!

That being said, you might not need to try to compete with any of the big names as there are plenty of smaller bloggers out there who know how to use affiliate marketing effectively to make money through it. Consequently, be sure to do plenty of research so that you can turn your blog into an income stream.

3. Seasonal Work

If you have plans to stay in one area for a month or more, then finding seasonal work is a great way to boost your income. In countries like Australia and New Zealand, flower, vegetable, and fruit picking farms count on temporary workers to sustain their activities.

You can also consider working as an au pair, provided that you have an au pair visa (if not, you can see the visa requirement for agencies like Go Au Pair), there is a chance that you could receive a generous payment provided that you are willing to negotiate a good rate and put in the physical work required.

Bars and restaurants are almost always in need of new front of house or cleaning staff too. Usually, your shifts will take place in the evening leaving the majority of your days free to explore and travel at your leisure.

To find seasonal work, browse local websites for postings or simply look up seasonal jobs in the area you are traveling to using a search engine. For bar and restaurant work, just ask around in any tourist hotspots.

4. Resorts and Summer Camps

One of the benefits of visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world is that they are normally home to a wide range of resorts and summer camp organizations. The majority of these businesses rely on temporary workers to get by in peak season.

If you already have front of house experience, or if you can cook, or work as a cleaner, there might be a short-term position waiting just for you. Lifeguards and activity team members are normally in demand so do not be afraid to ask around.

On top of a salary, some resorts and camps will provide meals and accommodation. This can help you to save money in a short period of time.

If you do decide to pursue a resort or summer camp job, do be sure to check how much free time you will be entitled to. Leaving the resort or camp might be forbidden so it is vital that you know the terms of your contract.

5. Freelancing

Do you have a skill that you could teach to someone? If so, you could ask around or advertise your services in the local area using notice boards in supermarkets, on social media, or in a newspaper.

For example, if you are fluent in English, teaching English as a foreign language is a popular way to earn money when travelling. Individuals and schools typically prefer to employ native speakers, so this can work in your favour. If you have completed a TEFL course then this can also prove to be advantageous.

Alternatively, if you can work remotely, why not take on some freelance work such as copywriting, social media, or customer aftercare? Surveys and market research websites can also boost your income.
Ultimately, earning money when travelling is all about finding new ways to use your existing skills. Above all, by taking a creative approach you can explore the world at your own pace without needing to worry too much about where the money for your next adventure is going to come from.