Best Budget Destinations for Solo Travelers

Solo Travelers

Solo travelling is something I enjoy so much that I wanted to share with you some of my favourite budget travel destinations. There are so many fantastic travel options for solo travellers that sometimes it can be a bit confusing knowing which destination is actually good value for money. Today, I hope to inspire you all to start planning your next solo adventure without absolutely destroying your bank balance.

Best Budget Asian Destination: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is such a beautiful city with such a rich culture and heritage. Seoul is one of the big tech cities of the world with some of the fastest internet anywhere in the world. With one of the first cities in the world to introduce 1 gbps internet speeds. If you are interested, Seoul is well-known for its strong and competitive esports scene. There are events where you can go and watch your favourite players, or participate in esports betting if you want a piece of the action yourself. For more active travellers among us, there are plenty of beaches, mountains, and other great physical activities to partake in.

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Anyway, talking about the city, this beautiful place is surprisingly affordable. 1 US dollar is about 1,100 South Korean Won (at the time of writing this). I find it easier to do the math by just thinking that the conversion rate is more like 1,000 Won to the dollar. It makes things a lot simpler for me anyway. In my experience, Seoul is about 10%-15% cheaper than Toronto (another awesome city worth visiting if you have the money) and 30%-35% less than New York City. There are tons of cheap accommodation as well so you will not struggle to find a comfortable place to stay during your visit.

Best Budget Caribbean Destination: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a vibrant Caribbean destination that is in a sweet spot cost-wise, for those who are looking for an authentic Caribbean travel experience. With all the hot weather and beaches, you would expect from such an experience. It was recently hit by a nasty hurricane but currently it has rebuilt up enough to be back in business for tourists.

I am so glad that I get to share this location with the budget travelling community now because when I explored Puerto Rico it was magical. There is a great mix of Spanish, Indian and African influences which oozes out of everything the people of Puerto Rico do. It is a multiculturalists dream. So if your only remaining question is “do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico?” – the answer is yes!

You will be even happier when you learn how cheap it is to enjoy as well. In my experience it is about 5%-10% cheaper than Toronto and 40% cheaper than New York City. There are a massive range of centrally situated hotels that you can find for around $90 (at the time of writing) so depending where you look you might be able to find a better deal. Which means you will get so much bang for your buck in this Caribbean adventure.

Best Budget European Destination: Slovenia

Slovenia is one of my favourite places to visit full stop, but it just so happens to be cheap to visit as well. I think this is because I am a big lover of the Austrian, Italian cultural mix. That is how I would describe Slovenia. They have such emotive ballads; I remember listening to them last summer. Their music is mesmerising. They have wonderful lakes and mountains too that are perfect for hiking up and around with some of their lovely ballads playing in the distance. Or probably more likely on my phone.

The US dollar is doing well again the Euro now with the conversion rating looking something like 1 Euro being equal to about $1.15 US. Back in 2013, it could easily cost you $1.50 for 1 Euro in some places. Judging from my time spent in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, it could cost around 30%-40% less to live in then Toronto. Accommodation lines up with that as well, with a ton of affordable options for those looking to stay in the city. You can expect to pay around $20 US a night in most budget hotels.

To conclude, there are so many great options for you fellow global trotters out there. Travelling does not have to be as expensive as some might think it is. I have been able to travel so much over the years by keeping an eye out for places that provide a lot of value for as little as possible. There is so much world to explore and I can not wait to get out there and find more exciting budget travel destinations to visit.