Fundamental Tips for a Winter Break Amid Covid-19

The year has been tough and it is expected that the winter vacations will be slightly different due to the current global pandemic. More than ever, I feel that I need a getaway to one of these beautiful Mexico villa rentals despite the prevailing conditions. Many are still wondering whether it is safe to travel before a vaccine is readily available. I cannot yes or no because it all comes down to an individual’s travel plans. The most important thing I want to know before I travel is the rate of infection in my holiday destination. The activities I will be doing will also matter as well as the means of transport.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given strict measures for travel by destination. They warn that traveling increases the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. So you must take all the precautions to keep safe. My doctor recently advised me to take a vacation as close to my home as possible and to accept my vaccine as soon as I am offered it. It may be a while before we are all vaccinated, as they have to be kept at freezing temperatures in fridges similar to the ones on this site: This makes the vaccines hard to transport and means the vaccination program is likely to be quite slow, so whilst I’m waiting for my vaccine I will be avoiding large crowds and indoor activities where there is little ventilation. Outdoor excursions are apparently much safer as there is plenty of fresh air around to dilute the virus. The CDC warns travelers to check what rules and regulations are in effect at the destination.

Various changes have been implemented in the security screening protocol to minimize the risk of infections. These procedures have been put in place for the good. Wearing masks and gloves is a mandatory requirement for all travelers. There are stringent measures on carry-on limits and sanitization. Every city, state, and nation has specific restrictions with most places accepting Covid-free tourists only. In other states, 14-day quarantine is imposed on everyone arriving from another state even after testing negative.

Planning Ahead

Traveling during winter can be a stressful thing. Snows and ice can delay the trip and most roadways are jammed with cars. Airports are also busy yet we are supposed to maintain social distance. While it is not possible to eliminate the bad weather or the pandemic, planning can smooth things for winter trips. Checking the flight in advance is a must. When the airplane is coming from a foul weather region, it can set back the plans for traveling in warmth. I have found the airline websites to be the best resources for checking up the flights and tracking an aircrafts’ path. Sometimes, the cold weather slows down automobiles, trains, and planes. So the best thing is to connect through warmer regions. Stopping in popular touristic spots can provide more options when the operations are not running as usual since more travelers will be trying to re-accommodate.

Packing Gifts

It is that time of the year for all kinds of celebrations. When taking a family vacation, it is imperative to wrap presents in the right way as recommended by the CDC. Some situations will necessitate shipping them in advance and wrapping them in environmentally friendly bags. If sleigh space is a constraint, gift cards would be a great option. I like leaving extra room in my travel bags when I am on the nice list. Duty-free options are other cost-saving options to take advantage of. Important to note is that treasures must not be wrapped before arrival. This is because the TSA will have to make a thorough check. Again, expensive and fragile presents should not be packed in a bag as they are likely to be thrown around like suitcases.

Checking with Hotel

Winter resorts provide concierges and ski rentals on site. They are fully-fledged and ready for skiing on the slopes. Even if your resort doesn’t provide them, most skiing destinations have rental stores like American Ski Exchange (a Vail Ski Shop ). Such stores have all the essential skiing and snowboarding equipment you’ll need. However, enquire whether they provide ski jackets and pants plus the necessary amenities so you can pack light. In my years of travels, I have noted that most people are obsessed with booking accommodation before traveling. This is not my style though- I’d rather show up at the destination and look for the most suitable room to stay. Ultimately, the decision to book ahead or show up and choose a room depends on the type of accommodation, budget, length of stay, security, and purpose of travel. I only find booking in advance necessary during the high-season when most destinations are flocked.

Taking a break is a great way to break the monotony of a cold season. Couples resort to go for romantic getaways while others choose a solo retreat. A quick and affordable road trip is a perfect idea for this holiday season. It will help to forget not only the cold but the many months we have been living in isolation.