How to Choose a Sustainable Extended Stay Provider

Extended Stay

Sustainability is one of the most important qualities that a business or home could have. So it’s no wonder that extended-stay hospitality has shone a new light on sustainable business practices. As both a business and a place of residence, extended-stay hotels specialize in providing a satisfying away-from-home lifestyle while also offering the kind of conservation you would value in your own home.

Sustainable corporate housing west hollywood rentals and similar others tend to lower the carbon footprint for hundreds to thousands of guests. This makes your vacation or business trip, not just enjoyable, but also guilt-free. But how do you choose a sustainable extended-stay provider? Let’s take a look at some of the top sustainability practices to look for when choosing your next extended-stay provider.

LED Lights and Motion Sensors

Energy conservation is at the heart of sustainability. The first and easiest way for any location to upgrade is to replace older light fixtures with LED lights. These lights use less energy and create less waste-heat while burning just as bright. In addition to more efficient light fixtures, motion-sensing and timed lights can provide excellent power savings. For extended-stay accommodations, motion-sensors ensure that lights are off when unused, but are always on when needed by guests.

Energy Star Appliances

Extended-stay providers differ from other hospitality venues because there are home appliances in every suite. A stove, refrigerator, and possibly even an oven, dishwasher, or laundry machines bring you all the comforts of home without having to rent a furnished house. The efficiency of these appliances, understandably, can have a big impact on power use.

With Energy Star appliances, you can be sure that your extended-stay experience has a satisfactorily low use of electricity.

Well-Insulated Rooms

The insulation between the walls of each room influences both sound and heat transfer. With well-insulated walls, you not only enjoy a quiet stay, but you also enjoy greater energy efficiency with climate control. Your room won’t get cold if your neighbor cranks up the AC. You will also use far less electricity setting and maintaining your own preferred room temperature.

Organic Bath Amenities

Bath amenities are a major source of hotel waste, and thrown-away cosmetics can cause ecological problems. But not when bath amenities are made from organic, sustainable materials. Organic bath amenities and recyclable (or recycled) packaging can also reduce your carbon footprint when traveling away from home.

Organic Low-VOC Carpeting

VOCs are volatile organic compounds. They’re found in many plastics, synthetic materials, and chemicals. Unfortunately, many textiles like pressboard and carpeting tend to contain VOCs from the chemicals used to make or treat them. A sustainable building prioritizes organic carpeting and building materials with a very low percentage of VOCs. Look for venues that are proud of installing organic Low-VOC carpeting for a sustainable extended-stay experience.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is also essential for a sustainable hospitality business. Guests can use a lot of water between bathing and cooking for themselves in full-function kitchens. The more conservative the appliances and fixtures are, the less water will be wasted. Look for venues that advertise low-flow efficient fixtures like faucets and showerheads. This way, you can take those long luxurious showers you love while knowing that you are technically saving water with an efficient showerhead.

As-Needed Services

One of the signatures of extended-stay sustainability is as-needed services. Instead of changing the sheets every night, housekeeping may only come once a week or on request. Many of the more luxurious services available from your extended-stay provider may be on-request rather than automatic so that no resources are lost on guests who don’t want those services. As-needed services mark that an extended-stay provider is savvy to saving energy and materials while still offering the luxurious experience you seek.

Access to Walking-Distance Attractions

Many hospitality businesses encourage sustainable local travel with walking-distance access to nearby attractions. The more shopping and restaurants are near your extended-stay hotel, the more gas you can save (and exhaust you can avoid producing) by walking to your destinations.

Choosing an extended stay hotel, host, or business housing provider is all about setting your priorities. What do you care about most? Whether you are seeking luxury, convenience, or sustainable business practices, there are many great extended stay options to choose from. Your perfect home-away-from-home is already out there waiting for you to find it.