Save While Traveling

Travel and spending always go together, not because the holidaymaker wants to spend, but because on the face, he has no choice. It always seems that there are expenses that simply cannot be avoided. As a result, most travelers resolve to empty their wallets without complaining. In reality, this is totally false. Saving money while traveling is quite possible. You just need to know how to do it.

Rule 1 – choose an unknown destination

I do not invite to choose a country at war or dangerous, but to choose a city far from the tourist circuits. As long as the city is little taken by tourists, it automatically means that it will be easy to save on both housing and nutrition. However, these are precisely the two expense factors when traveling.

Rule 2 – behave as if you were at home when traveling.

How do most tourists behave? They eat permanently in restaurants or in refreshment bars and preferably “those recommended”. They buy souvenirs and almost always in stores or popular walks among tourists. They go on excursions, again, of course, to sites popular among tourists. I guess all or at least a good part of the vacationers recognize themselves in these descriptions.

What does it mean to walk around tourist sites? It means paying 10 or even 20% more for each purchase. Tourists are not usually saving money, simply because they do not know the local prices. As a result, they pay full price. What does it mean to behave like a native? First, shopping only where the natives go. You can visit the popular tourist sites, but only after you have settled into an apartment you rent by the week or month. Travel by rented car or public transportation, not by cab. You could also try bike rentals in Hilton Head, SC, or elsewhere for transportation. Famous restaurants are good, but I recommend you to aim for the small pubs where the natives go. The local language is unknown? Buy a voice translator? Why deprive yourself of technological advances if they can help?

Rule 3 – Always travel during the off season

Summer travel is good, but it’s also the best way to spend the most money. This is not surprising since millions of other people are doing the same thing. Tourism specialists are overwhelmed by the customers, so they raise prices. Sulking will not change the situation. You don’t want his services? That’s all right, someone else will want them. They lose nothing. Things get tough outside the tourist seasons when the number of customers is low. Here, the customer becomes truly king because he is rare. Prices are falling and it is even possible to make them fall even further. Those who want to save money should aim for this period.

Rule 4 – Beware of telephone and bank charges

Telephone costs are one of the major expenses when traveling. The same is true for bank charges. As for the latter, I would advise you to inquire in advance to limit expenses. Speaking of telephone costs, there are two options. The first one is to buy a phone chip in the country you are visiting and save on local communications and the internet. The second is to bet only on the net. When you take out a cheap and reliable internet subscription preferably a bundled one like ATT Bundles abroad in your home country, you can communicate via the internet. Services like Skype in addition, can make it possible for you to reduce your bill abroad.

Rule 5 – Never improvise

We can never say it enough: a trip is prepared very meticulously. I advise you to choose your destination at least one year before you go there. Two years would even be ideal. Usually, I begin to inquire, not at the tourist agents, but at the natives. The social networks, that’s what it’s all about. Look for groups on social networks and forums, there are always some. No need to present yourself as a future tourist, you can simply show that you are interested in the region or the city and ask important questions. What are the prices of the apartments? How to eat well and cheaply? What are the favorite restaurants of the natives? What sites, outside the tourist sites, are worth discovering etc.? Very often, I ask for photos, I locate myself the rentals with google maps.

By adopting this approach, it becomes easier to travel because you already know where you are going. Even better, sometimes, you will have been able to visit virtually all the sites where you want to go. No need to use the services of a guide afterwards.