Top 5 Things to Do in Italy

Being closed to Poland, I often find myself travelling across to Italy for a short summer or autumn vacation. It has almost everything that Poland misses – warm summer breezes, Italian food and motorbikes. It’s not unusual to see a Ducati often – and this brings joy to my ears every time they roar past.

Statistics show that Italy welcomed about 96 million international tourists in 2019. The country boasts beautiful landscapes, exciting culture, and delicious cuisine as well as artistic sites; it’s no surprise adventurers love the place.

The fact is, Italy is one of the most incredible destinations that you can choose for your next extended vacation or weekend getaway. There is so much in store for you; boredom is something you’ll never have to deal with.

Have you already packed everything that you need for your trip to Italy? Here are five thrilling things that you can do during your time in the country.

1. Discover Rome

As a tourist in Italy, you cannot miss exploring Rome. It is the country’s capital, known for being home to a plethora of attractions, including the famous Vatican City. I cannot promise you that you can see the entire city in a day, but I can guarantee that there are various fantastic destinations to visit.

Start with the Colosseum, which is also referred to as the Flavian Amphitheatre. It dates back to the 70-80 AD. It is one of the most beautiful structures in Italy, and it was used to hold various types of entertainment events such as gladiator tournaments. If you are enthusiastic about matters religion, see the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City before you head to the Vatican Museums, which house more than 70,000 historical art pieces.

2. Tour the Cinque Terre

You will find this picturesque coastal area in Liguria. It has five villages. Its rugged, scenic landscapes, cliffs, and hiking trails are some of the things that draw tourists to the location. If you are thinking about hiking in the area, make sure to carry appropriate hiking gear with you, inclusive of boots, backpacks, and first aid kits. A camera is worth packing if you want to capture some awesome moments while you are in the region. Sightseeing in Cinque Terre also provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the fascinating local culture.

3. Have Delicious Pizza in Naples

Naples is full of many attractions for tourists, but it is mainly famous for its tasty pizza. You will find many pizzerias serving different varieties, with Neapolitan pizza being one of the most popular. Some of the pizza restaurants that you can try out include Sorbillo, Pizzeria Gorizia, Starita, and La Masardona. It is recommended that you choose a pizzeria that is close to your location to avoid getting tired before the day is even over because of driving for endless hours.

4. Visit Sardinia’s Beaches

There is something about Sardinia’s gorgeous beaches that makes them impossible to resist. Most of them feature white powdery sand and bright blue waters. You can always enjoy walks at the shores while you marvel at the entire region’s beauty. Take advantage of your time there to interact with other tourists; you might make some great friendships.

You must note that some beaches in the region are ideal for specific tourists. For instance, Chia is convenient for families due to its magnificent views, while Spiaggia di Piscinas, which is a bit secluded, is suitable for travelers who seek solitude. This, however, does not mean that any of the beaches is strictly meant for specific individuals. If you are going to engage in watersports, observe the necessary safety measures at all times.

5. Enjoy Boat Rides on Lake Como

Lake Como is Italy’s third-largest lake, and one of Europe’s deepest ones. During your visit to Como, make sure that you take one or two boat rides on it. There, you will get to bask in the beauty of some of the most beautiful sceneries in the country. If you are with a loved one, and desire to have more fun, consider a private boat tour. There will be no other tourists present, and you can discover the lake at your own pace. Once you are done, there is no harm in touring the surrounding towns where you can try out various restaurants and even shop for gifts and other quality items at the shops.

If you have been making a list of top exciting destinations to visit, ensure that Italy is at the top. There is a lot to do there. You will treasure every second you spend in the country.